The right choice in terms of value for money.

The characteristics of the system are:
- Light and handly formwork;
-Modularity and versatility thanks to standard panels that can also be used as universal ones;
-Optimized strong structure with 12 cm steel frame and 18 mm plywood;
-Versatility of usage with the adjustable clamp allowing up to 15 cm compensation;
-Perfect integration with all CONDOR systems, especially with multicom multidirectional scaffolding system (accesses and platforms complying with the latest regulation on safety);
-Maximum concrete pressure equal to 60 kN/sqm;
-Also available in aluminum.

The ADATTO system, available in steel and aluminum (on demand), with a 12 cm frame and a 18 mm plywood, is characterized by simplicity, lightness, convenience as well as resistance and quality.

Its great modularity is guaranteed by all the panels having horizontal elements with drilling holes every 5 cm. This allows the use of any standard panel as jolly universal panel and to avoid wood compensation. If needed it's possible to drill the surface and add a protection bush, which can be closed after with a simple cap like a normal jolly or column panel.

The maximum casting pressure is 60kN/sqm.


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