AluGD is a formwork system that was designed to allow the realization of traditional slabs with joists and hollow clay blocks;

it is also used for concrete slabs:
- up to 45cm module 100x200cm
- up to 70cm module 100x100cm.
Standard module = 2,00m x 1,00m. Wheelbase girder grid = 113 mm.
Component weight < 25kg
The support heads in the AluGD system are different: fixed, dropping, for compensations and lowered beams.
The props used can be:
- CEP 10-20.
- AluCP props.
The AluGD modules are of these types:
- Standard
- For longitudinal compensations
- For transversal compensations

To facilitate assembly they are differentiated by colour. The 27 mm covering panels are made of wood and are nailed to the girder grid.


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