MC towers

The universal shoring system based on CONDOR multidirectional scaffolding elements which offers great design versatility saving execution time.

The characteristics of the system are:
- Simplicity, lightness, flexibility and cost effectiveness;
-Based on standard and modular elements which are more advantageous in many situations compared with traditional shoring;
-Easy design, in case of standard situations with height up to 30m;
-Easy to use, intuitive assembly and disassembly allowing the realization of variable section structures;
-Vertical and horizontal 50 cm modularity (allowing maximum flexibility in design and application);
-Variable load capacity from 30 to 50 kN per standard (therefore, a tower with four standards has a 200 kN maximum capacity);
-Easy to handle with castor wheels full integrated with the tower in case of transportation that allow transportation without disassembly;
-Perfect integration with staircases tower and full compatibility with the system for easy and fast access to all heights of the work;
-Suitable for casting significantly thick slabs, such as underpasses, bridges, viaducts and tunnels;
- Wide range of accessories and components.


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